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The Real Estate Professor:
Joe Neilson is taking the real estate market by storm. He is a real estate investor who started at the age of 61 who has bought, renovated and rented over 70 properties in the last 8 years!

After purchasing house after house and producing remarkable cash flow for each property over the last 8 years, Joe shares his experiences from failure to success and how he did it! He demonstrates a proven system of "Buying & Renting Foreclosures" to build wealth. After 8 years of investing his net worth is 3.5 Million and has a net profit of $22,000 a month!

Speaking Engagements:
The Real Estate Professor is a dynamic and extraordinary speaker. A real investor who communicates his knowledge like a...well... Real Estate Professor. Interested in having the Professor speak to your group? Just contact him and he will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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You may now purchase Joe's leases, rehab formulas, and forms in the STORE!

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